Congratulations to Kemit-Amon Lewis for winning Best in Show for his photograph taken in the Bahamas.

This edition...

Thank you

On behalf of everyone involved in its organisation, we want to say "Thank you!" to all who participated and ensured the success of
ICRS 2012. We were delighted to have you with us in Cairns and to share the experience with you. You helped to make it a most memorable event!

We look forward to seeing you again at the 13th ICRS in 2016.
13th ICRS

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this online evaluation of ICRS 2012. The feedback will be of enormous benefit to the organisers of the 13th ICRS.
Can coral reefs survive the 21st century?

Recorded during ICRS 2012, a panel of leading experts and practitioners met in Cairns to debate the issues facing coral reefs in front of an informed audience. The one-hour episode will be broadcast at 9pm Sunday 22 July 2012 on ABC News 24 (Australia) and will also be available online at Further information about the program and the panel members can also be found at this link.
Consensus Statement update

Thank you to all delegates who signed the Consensus Statement on climate change and coral reefs. Over 3,000 have now signed it.

The global media uptake of the Consensus Statement has exceeded our expectations and has been widely reported worldwide.
What’s on the website?

  • Five editions of Coral News, the daily newspaper published for each day of ICRS 2012.
Photographic competition winners

  • Macro
    1st: Frederieke Kroon
    2nd: William Goodwin
    3rd: Pedro Pereira
  • People and the Reef
    1st: Dirk Steenbergen
    2nd: Hiro Kan
    3rd: Aaron O’Dea
Lastly, Best in Show goes to Kemit-Amon Lewis for his stunning photo of the sharks. You are off on a 7 day dive trip in the Solomon Islands, care of Bilikiki Cruises.
Outcomes Overview

We will be producing an Outcomes Overview and will distribute this electronically in the next month.
The Queensland Government sponsorship is funded by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation; Department of Education and Training; Department of Environment and Resource Management, and Department of Transport and Main Roads.
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