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The Call for Mini-Symposia is officially closed. Late submissions are welcome via this link but acceptance is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

A Message from the Chairman, Scientific Program Sub-Committee

Before you connect to submit a Symposium application, I strongly suggest you compose your title and 150 word abstract in Word. Then connect to the Submit Mini-Symposia button above, complete your contact details, then continue onto page two where you can paste your title and abstract. Note that we ask you to nominate from among a number of different formats for your mini-symposium (15 minute talks; speed talks; themed workshops).

Terry Done
Scientific Program Sub-Committee, ICRS2012

Invitation to Mini-Symposium Convenors

The Scientific Program Committee invites proposals to convene a Mini-Symposium.

Proposals must be submitted online via the Submit Mini-Symposia button above. Based on submissions received, a final scientific program will be developed.

The three presentation options for Mini-Symposium sessions are:

  1. Standard 15 minute Presentations
  2. Themed Workshops: The Convenor solicits 4-5 shorter 7-10 minute talks. At the completion of all talks, the presenters form a panel for discussion of the theme.
  3. Speed Talks
    • An introductory talk of about 10 minutes opens the session.
    • Subsequent presenters are given 4-5 minutes each to explain the essence of their research.
    • After completion of the talks, presenters disperse to different parts of the room in breakout groups for further discussion.

Prospective Convenors are requested to consider these options carefully when formatting their Symposium. The final number of sessions allocated to each Mini- Symposium will be dependent on the level of interest indicated by the number of Abstracts submitted but could vary from a half day to multiple sessions over 5 days. Any single Mini-Symposium session may contain only one format but in the case of a multi-session Symposium different formats may be employed from one session to the next.

Development of the Program

Based on submissions received, a final program of Mini-Symposia will be developed by the Committee. Related Mini-Symposia are likely to be merged. The final list of Mini-Symposia topics will be advertised on www.icrs2012.com in advance of the Call for Abstracts (1 July 2011). When this call is made, applicants will be invited to nominate their preferred Mini-Symposium as well as their preference for an oral or a poster presentation. At the close of Abstract submissions (1 October 2011), the Convenors will be sent all Abstracts that indicate a preference for their particular Mini-Symposium. Based on the number of Abstracts, the Committee will advise the Convenors of the length of each Mini-Symposium. Convenors will then advise the Committee of their preferences to include or exclude each proposed presentation (oral or poster). These preferences are negotiable at the discretion of the Committee, including recommendations to change the format or mix of formats (Standard Presentations, Themed Workshops and/or Speed Talks).

Mini-Symposium Convenors and Co-Convenors

Applicants should nominate the Convenor and at least one Co-Convenor. Inclusion of early career researchers is encouraged.

Responsibilities of each Mini-Symposium Convenor

  1. Correspond with the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee on development of the Mini-Symposium program.
  2. Recommend the allocation of submissions to a) oral session; b) poster session; c) reassignment to an alternative Mini-Symposium
  3. Propose the preferred format(s) and structure for oral presentations. No more than one format per session.
  4. Identify Chairs for each session and enter that information online when requested (after the program is finalised).
  5. Provide basic editing (spelling, grammar as required) of accepted Abstracts in your Mini-Symposium.
  6. Join the Editorial Board of the Symposium, with responsibility for organising the review of papers submitted for publication in the Proceedings of ICRS 2012. The review period is 1 May - 14 June 2012.
  7. Be available during ICRS 2012 to meet with members of the media to promote the science in your Mini-Symposium.





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