12th International Coral Reef Symposium

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The ICRS 2012 Organising Committee invites you to submit a 250 word abstract for oral / poster presentation at ICRS 2012.

In order to submit your abstract, you need to determine which Mini-Symposium you wish to contribute to.

Firstly, select one of the Themes that best reflect your area of interest and expertise. There are 71 Mini-Symposia nested within these Themes. Secondly, choose your preferred Mini-Symposium and lastly submit your abstract via the 'Presenters Portal' button to the right.

1. Reefs through time Mini-Symposia
2. Palaeontology Mini-Symposia
3. Evolution, biogeography and taxonomy Mini-Symposia
4. Biophysical processes Mini-Symposia
5. Technologies for coral reef science Mini-Symposia
6. Physiology and functional biology Mini-Symposia
7. Genomic approaches to coral reef biology Mini-Symposia
8. Ocean acidification Mini-Symposia
9. Climate change and bleaching Mini-Symposia
10. Modelling reef futures Mini-Symposia
11. cological dynamics, resilience and phase shifts Mini-Symposia
12. Life histories and reproduction Mini-Symposia
13. Fish and fisheries Mini-Symposia
14. Larval ecology, recruitment and connectivity Mini-Symposia
15. Biodiversity and systematics Mini-Symposia
16. Microbes and viruses Mini-Symposia
17. The Coral Triangle Initiative Mini-Symposia
18. Management and monitoring Mini-Symposia
19. Human impacts on coral reefs Mini-Symposia
20. Restoration of coral reefs Mini-Symposia
21. Water quality: impacts and management Mini-Symposia
22. Social, economic and cultural perspectives Mini-Symposia


Abstract submission closes on Saturday 1 October 2011.
Submissions cannot be accepted after this date.

Submit your abstract here.
Edit your abstract here.

Enquiries regarding abstracts for ICRS 2012 should be emailed to info@icrs2012.com.

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