12th International Coral Reef Symposium

What's New

Below is the list of 22 Symposia Themes, followed by the full list of 72 Mini-Symposia that are nested within these themes.

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What's New

# Day(s) Title Chair Co-Chair(s)
Reefs through time back to top^
1a Wednesday Reef and reef island geomorphology Scott Smithers Chris Perry, Paul Kench
1b Tuesday Reef response to sea-level and environmental changes Jody Webster Gilbert Camoin
Palaeontology back to top^
2a Wednesday Pantropical palaeontology of Cenozoic coral reefs James Klaus Kenneth Johnson
2b Wednesday Coral reefs: is the past the key to the future? George Stanley Dennis Hubbard
Evolution, biogeography and taxonomy back to top^
3a Thursday & Friday Evolution, biogeography and taxonomy: general session John Pandolfi  
3b Monday Genetically-based species recognition: microbes to vertebrates Todd LaJeunesse James Reimer, Michael Hellberg
3c Friday The new age of integrated coral taxonomy Michel Pichon Carden Wallace, Francesca Benzoni
Biophysical processes back to top^
4a Wednesday & Thursday Water motion, abiotic and biotic processes on coral reefs James Hench Hunter Lenihan
4b Wednesday Chemical ecology of coral reef ecosystems Valerie Paul Jennifer DeBose
4c Thursday & Friday Coral reef response to multiple stresses: organisms to ecosystems Hajime Kayanne Michio Hidaka
Technologies for coral reef science back to top^
5a Monday & Tuesday Remote sensing of reef environments Chris Roelfsema Gang Liu, Stuart Phinn, Stacy Jupiter, Alastair Harborne, James Goodman, William Skirving, Scarla Weeks, Vittorio Brando
5b Wednesday Sensor networks and their applications James Hendee Ruben van Hooidonk, Lew Gramer
5c Wednesday Genomics and proteomics as tools for detecting sub-lethal stress Robert Richmond Cheryl Woodley, Craig Downs
5d Monday Robots and machine learning techniques aiding coral reef science Oscar Pizarro David Kline, Robin Beaman, Greg Mitchell, Stefan Williams
Physiology and functional biology back to top^
6a Monday & Tuesday Cell and molecular biology of symbiosis Simon Davy Alex Venn, Virginia Weis
6b Tuesday & Wednesday Mechanisms of calcification Sylvie Tambutté Michael Holcomb, Anne Cohen
6c Wednesday & Thursday Coral physiology and energetics Christine Ferrier-Pagès Andrea Grottoli, Stephen Levas
6d Tuesday Coral physiology under ocean acidification Sophie Dove  
Genomic approaches to coral reef biology back to top^
7a Thursday & Friday Genomic approaches to coral reef biology Christian Voolstra David Miller, Timothy Ravasi, Sylvain Forêt
Ocean acidification back to top^
8a Friday Organism and ecosystem responses to ocean acidification Malcolm McCulloch  
8b Monday Carbonate chemistry feedbacks within reef habitats Ryan Moyer Dwight Gledhill, Joanie Kleypas, Kimberly Yates, Russell Brainard
8c Thursday Coral calcification and accretion Ilsa Kuffner Andreas Andersson, Nicholas Bates
8d Wednesday & Thursday Effects of ocean acidification Chris Langdon Katharina Fabricius
8e Thursday Growth records in coral cores Timothy Cooper Janice Lough, Neal Cantin
Climate change and bleaching back to top^
9a Monday - Wednesday Coral bleaching and climate change Ray Berkelmans Line Bay, Alison Jones, Emily Howells
9b Monday Coral communities in extreme environments Joerg Wiedenmann John Burt, Bernhard Riegl
9c Tuesday Ecology of mesophotic coral reefs Marc Slattery Michael Lesser
9d Friday Refuges for corals in time and space Marilyn Brandt Tyler Smith, Bernhard Riegl
Modelling reef futures back to top^
10a Monday Modelling reef futures C. Mark Eakin Simon Donner, Peter Mumby, Cheryl Logan, Claire Spillman
Ecological dynamics, resilience and phase shifts back to top^
11a Tuesday & Wednesday Ecology and macroecology: general session Sean Connolly Sally Keith, Rebecca Fisher
11b Thursday Phase shifts and alternative states on coral reefs Albert Norström Magnus Nyström
11c Tuesday Seaweed-coral competition Douglas Rasher Mark Hay
11d Wednesday The boom and bust of urchins and starfish Matt Young  
11e Friday Long-term change in coral reef ecosystems Loren McClenachan Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak, Jack Kittinger
Life histories and reproduction back to top^
12a Thursday & Friday Life histories and reproduction Andrew Baird Joshua Madin, Mia Hoogenboom
Fish and fisheries back to top^
13a Tuesday Fish Glenn Almany Richard Hamilton, Michael Berumen
13b Monday The changing role of fishes in coral reef ecosystems David Bellwood Nick Graham, Alan Friedlander
13c Thursday & Friday Ecological effects of habitat degradation Andrew Hoey Morgan Pratchett
13d Monday Reef sharks and coral reefs Andrew Chin Michelle Heupel, Mark Meekan, Rupert Ormond, Colin Simpfendorfer
13e Wednesday Fisheries Colin Simpfendorfer  
Larval ecology, recruitment and connectivity back to top^
14a Tuesday - Thursday The ecological importance of larval dispersal Robert Warner Peter Buston
14b Monday & Tuesday Larval and settlement behaviour of coral reef organisms Steve Simpson Ivan Nagelkerken, Uli Siebeck
Biodiversity and systematics back to top^
15a Monday & Tuesday Biodiversity and systematics: general session Alexander Kerr Pat Hutchings
15b Tuesday & Wednesday Seagrasses and seagrass ecosystems Robert Coles Michelle Waycott, Len McKenzie, Alana Grech
15c Wednesday Physiology and ecology of cyanobacteria, and sponges Laurie Richardson Miroslav Gantar, Christine Schoenberg
15d Wednesday Biodiversity and coevolution of organisms associated with corals Patrick Scaps  
15f Tuesday Benthic foraminifera on coral reefs Pamela Hallock Willem Renema, Sven Uthicke
Microbes and viruses back to top^
16a Thursday Microbial mutualism in coral reef invertebrates Tracy Ainsworth David Bourne
16b Wednesday & Thursday Coral-microbe interactions and disease Greta Aeby Yui Sato, Tracy Ainsworth, David Bourne, Bette Willis, Drew Harvell, Laurie Raymudno
16c Friday Immune defenses of coral reef organisms Laura Mydlarz Caroline Palmer, Nikki Traylor-Knowles
16d Tuesday Functional roles of microbes in reef ecosystems Max Teplitski Kim Ritchie
The Coral Triangle Initiative back to top^
17a Monday & Tuesday Science to support the Coral Triangle Initiative Helen Fox Carissa Klein, Maurice Knight, Lida Pet
17b Tuesday Marine protected areas and networks in the Coral Triangle Alan White Patrick Christie, Porfirio M. Aliño, Alison Green
17c Monday Regional-scale design and local-scale actions for marine conservation Bob Pressey Rebecca Weeks
17d Wednesday Managing bleached coral reefs Thamasak Yeemin Dr Suharsono, Porfirio M. Aliño, Affendi Yang Amri
Management and monitoring back to top^
18a Monday & Tuesday Evaluating management success Laurence McCook  
18b Wednesday & Thursday Managing coral reef ecosystems under a changing climate Roger Beeden David Wachenfeld, Paul Marshall, Chloe Schauble
18c Tuesday & Wednesday Spatially-explicit and multi-disciplinary approaches for coral reef conservation Serge Andréfouët Julie Scopelitis, Samuel Purkis, Ameer Abdulla, Shankar Aswani, Johnathan Kool
18d Friday Strengthening science-management partnerships Steven Thur  
18e Wednesday The future of the Coral Sea reefs and sea mounts Eric Clua Clive Wilkinson
18f Thursday & Friday Does Monitoring Lead to Improved Coral Reef Management? Jerker Tamelander Gregor Hodgson, Christy Loper, Clive Wilkinson, Ruben Torres, Matthias Hammer
Human impacts on coral reefs back to top^
19a Tuesday Human impacts on coral reefs: general session Natalie Ban Sheila McKenna
19b Monday Coral reef resilience, conservation and management David Obura Paul Marshall, Alison Green, Ameer Abdulla, Stephanie Wear
19c Wednesday Trade in coral reef wildlife Cara Cooper Daniel Thornhill, Barbara Best, Brian Tissot
19d Thursday Managing fish spawning aggregations Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson Martin Russell
Restoration of coral reefs back to top^
20a Wednesday Restoration of coral reefs James Guest Andrew Bauman, Buki Rinkevich
Water quality: impacts and management back to top^
21a Monday Watershed management and reef pollution Greg Piniak Michelle Devlin, Jon Brodie, Kathy Chaston, Paul Sturm, Curt Storlazzi, Piers Larcombe
21b Friday Enhancing coral reef resilience through management of water quality Frederieke Kroon Britta Schaffelke
21c Tuesday Exploited lagoons Nabila Gaertner-Mazouri Loїc Charpy, Yannick Gueguen
Social, economic and cultural perspectives back to top^
22a Thursday & Friday Cultural, political and historical dimensions of coral reef management Simon Foale Michael Fabinyi
22c Thursday Management of coral reefs in regions of high biocultural diversity Alana Grech Stacy Jupiter, Bob Pressey
22d Thursday Economic valuation and market-based conservation Nathalie Hilmi Tamatoa Bambridge, Jos Hill





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