12th International Coral Reef Symposium

Below are the ICRS 2012 Proceedings within the 22 Symposium Themes. The Proceedings will also be available online at ReefBase.

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Theme 1: Reefs through time
Seismic profiling survey of submerged coral reefs near Okinawa Island Arai, Kohsaku, Tomoyuki Sato, Takahiko Inoue ICRS2012_1B_1
Benthic foraminifera: Their importance to future reef island resilience Dawson, John L., Quan Hua, Scott G. Smithers ICRS2012_1A_1
Assessing reef island response to environmental conditions on the GBR Hamylton, Sarah, Marji Puotinen ICRS2012_1A_2
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of IODP 325 Hole M0058A Herrero-Bervera, Emilio, Luigi Jovane ICRS2012_1B_2
Sediment flux and off-reef export on Vabbinfaru reef platform, North Male Atoll, Maldives Morgan, Kyle, Paul Kench ICRS2012_1A_3
Theme 2: Palaeontology
Theme 3: Evolution, biogeography & taxonomy
Theme 4: Biophysical processes
Theme 5: Technologies for coral reef science
Theme 6: Physiology & functional biology
Theme 7: Genomic approaches to coral reef biology
Theme 8: Ocean acidification
Theme 9: Climate change & bleaching
Theme 10: Modelling reef futures
Theme 11: Ecological dynamics, resilience & phase shifts
Theme 12: Life histories & reproduction
Theme 13: Fish & fisheries
Theme 14: Larval ecology, recruitment & connectivity
Theme 15: Biodiversity & systematics
Theme 16: Microbes & viruses
Theme 17: The Coral Triangle Initiative
Theme 18: Management & monitoring
Theme 19: Human impacts on coral reefs
Theme 20: Restoration of coral reefs
Theme 21: Water quality: impacts & management
Theme 22: Social, economic & cultural perspectives
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